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Metronidazole 500

Related post: stretch out in smooth fashion. Absorb superflous water from be- neath Metronidazole Where To Buy ribbons with blotting paper held to their edges and at same Buy Cheap Metronidazole time Metronidazole To Buy push Metronidazole Buy trie Order Metronidazole Online sections into even rows. Then leave the sections to dry for several Cheap Metronidazole hours or over night. METHOD FOR THE STAINING AND MOUNTING OF MATERIAL IN PARAFFINS RIBBONS AFFIXED TO SLIDE 1. Gently heat the dry slides with parafrine ribbons Generic Metronidazole adhering to the fixative, high above the Bunsen flame (with the ribbon side up). 2. Place the slide upright in. a well of xylol or turpentine. The xylol or turpentine will dissolve the melted parafrine in a minute or Buy Metronidazole Online two. 28 PHARMACEUTICAL BOTANY 3. Take the slide out of the well, wipe off the under side and allow a stream of 95 per cent, alcohol to run over the upper side from a pipette. 4. Place the slide upright in Metronidazole 500mg a well of safranin Metronidazole 500 Mg for from four to twenty-four hours. 5. Take the slide out of the safranin well and extract excess of stain with 57 per cent, alcohol. 6. Place the slide in a well of gentian violet or methyl-green for a second or more. The time varies for different objects and can only be determined by trial. 7. Rinse slide with 70 per cent, alcohol from pipette. 8. Pour absolute alcohol over sections, follow with a few drops of clove oil, replace clove oil with cedar oil. 9. Mount in balsam. 10. Label slide. IMBEDDING IN CELLOIDIN Whenever material is unsuited for free hand sectioning and will not give good results when imbedded in paraffine on account of size, hardness, or brittleness, celloidin may be resorted to as an imbedding medium. The Metronidazole 500 technique employed is similar to that of the paraffine method so far as 500 Mg Metronidazole the preliminary fixing, hardening and dehydrating are con- cerned up to and including the 95 per cent, alcohol stage. From this point the various succeeding steps in the procedure are as follows: 1. Place material in equal parts of 95 per cent, alcohol and ether (known as ether-alcohol) for several hours. 2. Transfer to a 2 per cent, solution of celloidin in ether-alcohol, for 2-5 days. 3. Transfer to a 6 per cent, solution of celloidin in ether-alcohol, for 2-5 days. 4. Transfer to a 12 per cent, solution of celloidin in ether-alcohol, for 3-10 days. 5. Prepare a pine block sufficiently large in cross section to sup- port the material and otherwise adapted to its being Metronidazole Online clamped in the object carrier of the microtome. Soak one end of this block in FUNDAMENTAL CONSIDERATIONS 29 ether-alcohol for a while and then dip it in the 2 per cent, celloidin solution. 6. Take the material from the thick celloidin and set it in proper position, for cutting the sections desired, on the prepared end of the block and allow the Where Can I Buy Metronidazole celloidin to thicken for a few seconds only. 7. Dip the celloidin end into the thick solution; remove and hold upright so that 500mg Metronidazole the new coating may spread out over the end of the block and solidify the union. 8. As soon as the celloidin has hardened a little to form a surface film, drop the preparation into a vessel of chloroform Purchase Metronidazole and allow to remain here Order Metronidazole i day. 9. Transfer preparation to a vessel containing equal parts of glycerin and 95 Buy Metronidazole per cent, alcohol until required for sectioning. SECTIONING CELLOIDIN MATERIAL Clamp the block in the sliding microtome and set the knife obliquely so that the sections can be cut with a long sliding stroke. Keep the knife and top of the block wet with the alcohol-glycerin mixture and as soon as the sections are cut, sweep them with a camels hair pencil into a dish of 70 per cent, alcohol. The sections can be attached to a slide by placing the slide in a closed chamber over ether. The ether vapor dissolves the celloidin and causes the sections to adhere to the Where To Buy Metronidazole slide. STAINING AND MOUNTING CELLOIDIN SECTIONS 1. Place sections in safranin solution for i day. This safranin solution should be made by dissolving as much safranin in 95 per cent, alcohol as it will Purchase Metronidazole Online take up and then diluting with an equal quantity of water. 2. Rinse sections in 50 per cent, alcohol to remove excess of stain. 3. Transfer them to Delafield's haematoxylin (made by dissolving i gram of haematoxylin in 6 mils of absolute alcohol and adding this gradually to 100 mils of a saturated aqueous solution of ammonia alum. This is left exposed for a week, filtered, 25 mils each of methyl alcohol and glycerin added, allowed to stand 6 hours, again filtered, and ripened about 2 months before using) for 10 minutes. 30 PHARMACEUTICAL BOTANY
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